Pathways to Purpose


Pathways to Purpose

Gwen Wolken

Speaker, Trainer & Coach

4+ Hours of Training

Gwen takes you inside … add something here about what they gain.

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When you enroll in “Pathways to Purpose” you’ll receive:
  • 4 step-by-step, in-depth modules with over 4 hours of transformational content.
  • Unique exercises to uncover your real dreams and desires, your strengths and skills, your natural talents and more.
  • A proven strategy for determining your specific passion and purpose.
  • A template for creating a personal mission statement that clear defines your purpose in a way that will resonate.
  • A blueprint for taking what you love to do and turning it into a way to help you create wealth.
  • An action plan you can use immediately to make a difference in others lives and in your own.
  • A workbook to help you along the way that is in a printable PDF form.
  • An option to elect 30 days of habit changing emails if you wish.
  • A special Facebook group that is dedicated to those that have purchased the course.
  • An option to get personal coaching from Gwen.
  • Transcripts, videos, and much, much, more…. 


Find your purpose in life and discover how to create a life you have never dreamed possible!


Create a vision that creates real wealth.


Create your own movement that gets attention!

Still Have Questions? FAQ’s:

Who is this program for?

     This program will greatly benefit you if:

  • If you are someone who wants to discover your specific passion or purpose and be absolutely certain it’s the right one for you, then this program is a great fit.
  • If you want to learn how to package your purpose and turn it into a movement so that you can become financially successful then this program is a great fit.
  • If you are someone who wants to find your true purpose in life and wants to be 100% sure it’s right for you, this program is a great fit.
  • This program is NOT for someone who feels they are already doing what they love and is financially successful. 
  • With our 30 day money back guarantee, you can experience the program and be certain that it is a good fit for you. Check it out. 
  • You don’t have anything to lose!  Click here to get started now.

When is this course being held?

Anytime you want!

Pathways to Purpose is a video e-course that delivered on demand. Access the lessons and other resources from your desktop, tablet, or phone – whichever you prefer. You can access it as soon as you enroll. Get started now.

There are a lot resources and experts that teach you how to find your purpose. What makes this program different?

You are learning from someone who spent their life struggling to figure out their purpose and discovered a system that works.

Gwen has combined the best of all worlds into this program to help you in many different ways get down to the basis of what purpose is and how to find yours.

Your wisdom comes from your heart and soul, not your head. Your purpose and the vision you create will be a blueprint for who you are and what you want to accomplish in life.

Get started now.

What if I don’t like Pathways to Purpose? Will you refund my tuition?

To make sure that there is no risk to you, I am giving you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Listen to the program, work the program, do all the processes with me and if you are not completely satisfied with the results you are receiving, just contact our office and we will give you a refund.

I want you to feel totally comfortable and confident about this program because I know that once you got through it you will look at yourself differently. You will also look at life differently and you will have a plan on how you will serve the planet and others.

Get started now.

Do I get access to the whole course immediately when I enroll?

Yes! You will have access to the whole course but we recommend that you take it step by step and finish each module completely before moving forward to the next step. Take your time and really think through each piece. Click here to get started now.

Is this a one time payment or do I have to make payments in the future?

There is a one-time payment of $97 for the course. You may elect to get personal coaching attached to the course for an additional fee. There are no other extra fees associated with the course.

You will have access to the program as long as it’s online and you’ll even have the ability to download the videos to your own computer for your viewing experience.

Click here to get started now.

What if I get stuck on a certain part or exercise? Can I get help?

Yes! By enrolling in this course you will have two options. First, there will be a dedicated Facebook group for those enrolled in the course. My administrator or Gwen will be in the group answering all of your questions and engaging with you. Also, you have the option of getting personal coaching surrounding your purpose or your business.

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If you want to dramatically increase your business and leverage your full potential then Gwen is the one person you should listen to…


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